Saturday, August 29, 2009

Screaming men/boys Laundry, Dishes, Pick up Toys

So I am feeling a little worn out. After commenting on "Gizzards and Calf Fries" blog about her darling Hubby not wanting to go to the DR. Who do you think should injure his very own self? You got it. The Hunter. Always the Ass Hole, he didn't let me down. First he got me up at 4:45 (yes in the morning) to put his socks on. " My dearest" I said. "If you can't put your socks on I hardly think your going to be able to hang sheet metal all day" (insert batting eyelashes) He then demanded I make him lunch because he had to leave in ten minutes. Well he ended up staying home because he couldn't walk. (Sciatica) Needles to say he's been the dream boat ever since. (I have reminded myself daily that it is against the law to kill, maim or light fire to you husband, besides I think if I kill him I don't get the insurance money)He however has gone to the Dr. although there isn't anything they can really do. This means I can not leave TLC with him to go ride. Big Bummer. Did I mention TLC is teething again. (Hoo-fucking-ray). My day has been filled with nothing but catering to a bunch of babies. AHHHHH! I think my head might explode.

P.s It's 104 degrees today.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

TLC's New Hat

Wanta' see somthin super cute?

TLC got his first real cowboy hat.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Spa

The Main Mansion
This is where we had dinner. It was sooooo good. I had
Sauteed Prawns and pasta.

This is the front entrance to the spa
It was Divine. If you ever get a chance to go
Do It.

The trip to the spa was awesome. I had such a good time. Despite the small family feud that is going on, I really do like my husbands family.
The ladies in attendance where, My mother in law, 2 sister in laws, 2 cousins and and aunt.
I received two treatments. A Lomi Lomi Massage and a pineapple papaya scrub.
It was great.
We arrived in the limo about 2:00 so we were actually a little late. So I didn't get a chance to sit in the whirlpool or hang out by the lagoon like pool. Their lounge is great! The attendants bring out yummy fruit kabobs and they have cucumber water and three different teas for you. They pretty much wait on you hand and foot.
I also liked that the same girl did both of my treatments. That way I don't feel like everyone in Napa got to put their grubby little mitts all over my body.
After our day at the spa we went to dinner at one of their restaurants. It was so good. It was one of those times where you know you should stop eating but you can't because it's just soooo good!
Anyway, we didn't even get home till 10:00. I took pictures of the limo but unfortunately my memory chip was actin crazy and I lost a whole bunch of photos. Damn technology.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A little rant

This is the tale of The Portaguee and the Princess.
Once upon a time there was a Great Grandfather who came to the united states from Portugal and worked his skinny little ass off to buy 100 acres of prime California Real estate. He paid around 1000. dollars an acre for 100 acres in the early 20's. Many people said he was crazy that the price was too high. "Don't worry" he said " The property will pay for itself." Well, sure as shit he did. First by growing tomatoes then with raising cattle. He raised a lovely little family. His children and their children in turn raised their children on the same property. Well now his great, great grand children are here. However. living in CA has some down falls. In the 70's the property was turned over onto the "Williamson Act" this is basically an act to keep people from building like a hundred houses on their property and fuckin up the country for everyone else. It also kept your taxes low.
I am fortunate enough to live on 17 acres of the original 100. The only problem is my house is a piece of crap When I say piece of crap I mean it. there are places that the foundation is coming away from the walls, I am sure there are termites.(hopefully they don't stop holding hands I think that's what is keepin everything together) My bathroom has no heater or vent and the walls are literally falling apart, my bedroom is also the laundry room/storm cellar/water heater closet and it sits on the road. This was not a problem in 1920 because there was no road. Now it's like living on the highway. My husband has been working with the county to try and find out how to get us off the Williams act (which ain't easy it can take up to 10 years) so that we can build a house at the top of our property (considering that everything about our house is illegal.) Well the Hunter has been working on this for a very long time talking to country planers and finding out what needs to be the first step. He finally found a lawyer that deals with this kind of thing. Got his mother to agree to go see the lawyer and figure out how to split the property up in a living trust/will so that he and the Princess (the Hunters twin sister) will be most profitable and make the transition easier and less expensive if god forbid something happen to his mother. However the spoiled little princess without doing any work, or asking any questions, threw a total hissy fit that she wasn't involved and that he was only doing all this for his own benefit. Well that really pissed off the Hunter. The whole reason for him doing this is so that it benefits them both in the event of their very own mothers death. Not only that but it would keep the houses and property from going in to probate, which, is whats going to happen now. The Mother was so upset by the Hissy fit that she called off the meeting with the good lawyer. Saying she will use her Lawyer, who by the way she hates. Not only that but Mother in law is the BIGGEST procrastinator ever!
Example: The Hunters older sister died of cancer almost 3 years ago. There is still no plaque on the grave site. The cars are all still in her name sitting in the field up at Mother in laws and there is still problems with the taxes and credit cards that no one has taken care of.
Now all the Hunters work is down the tubes because of a spoiled little brat. Meanwhile we are living in a house that you can't fix because you can't pull permits on it, and we can't build because we can't have Mother in law divided it up and The Hunter isn't talking to either of them. AHHH!!! It is so frustrating to be living on land that doesn't work for you. Whats the point. Seventeen acres and all we have on it is a chicken coop, four goats and a lot of poison oak. I pay (get this) $375.00 a month to board my horse five miles from my house. (You may close your mouth now.) Why you ask? Because there is no barn (any more) no arena and no where to ride. How totally ridiculous is that. I am not really sure how this this little tale will end but I will keep you updated.
On an up note I get to go to a spa in Napa on Saturday. (with the Mother in Law and the Princess) should be fun.

Monday, August 17, 2009

In case any one was wondering.

So just and update in case you were wondering. Bob was a dream boat on Sunday. I ended up riding the crap out of him on Saturday night. Then on Sunday morning I switched my classes around and just did Walk/Trot (English) He was so good. I was ecstatic! I got to end on a good note which was precisely what I was shootin for. Huh, I guess I do know what I'm doing after all.
We ended up getting eighth place in our last class. (in a class of about 13) Hooray Bob.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stories from the front

Well if you read Vaquero girls blog you know that yesterday wasn't our best performance. So this morning I woke up and decided that I would try somethin new. I decided not to show. That I would just pack around on Ol' Bob today. So that's what we have done so far. (TLC is having his nap right now so I have two whole seconds)(I type fast) I will try and ride again this afternoon in the SCARY ARENA. Actually  I don't think it's that he is scared. I think he has learned the difference between practice and show time. A really cool thing is I met a new trainer named Jacqueline. She and I were talking this morning and I was running some ideas by her and vice versa. It sounds like she kinda agrees with me. The plan now is to just try and get him in the ring as much as possible and school. We shall see how that works. How ever he go's this evening will be the deciding  factor in whether I show tomorrow or not.   I guess what so frustrating is that he is sooooo good in the warm up and at home, basically anywhere other then the show ring that when I get in there and he turns into Sea Biscuit I feel like people think I look like a fool showing this crazy horse. When I know how good he can be. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A different kind of cowgirl

O.K. so I'm not totally certain where this blog is going to go so the ending will be a surprise to all of us. It's just somthin I just started thinking about lately.

When people ask me if I am a "cowgirl" I don't always know what to say. (I usually say yes). I don't have cattle, but I've helped with friends and know a bit about them. I don't Rodeo. Never have. I do love the rodeo though. I had the chance to get a barrel horse and start but chose to go with a pleasure horse. I do know about horses. I have had them all my life, as has my Mother and Grandfather. I train myself I don't have a pro trainer. I can ride the trail or go to the show. I don't consider my self any thing great but I have received many compliments from people who I think are great. I believe cowboys and cowgirls (cow people) have a certain way of life. They seem to have a certain beliefs. Life is pretty simple, it's honest and kind (most of the time). It's hard working. It's knowing how to have a good time. It's dirty. It's a common bond with other people like you. It's having a gift with horses and other livestock. It's knowing how to look at things a little differently . It's helpful when it can be. It's common sense.

I feel like I am all those things. Some of them a little more then others. I do not believe that it is how you dress, the music you listen to or the car you drive. So am I a "cowgirl" Yes. Just maybe I am a different kind of cowgirl then the ones you read about in stories or magazines. Are you?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just cuz.

Just cuz I have a few minuets I thought I would tell you all what went on this weekend. We moved our precious ponies once again. This time to a wonderful barn (not that I didn't like the last one. It was just so fucking hot). It is so perfect. Mom's little horse is so happy he don't know what to do with himself. He has a great big paddock and his own pony. Bob is still looking a little worried but when I rode him he couldn't have been more perfect. Maybe he's nervous that I will take him back to the "hot box". I have decided to show this month. YIKES!!! I admittedly am a little nervous. I haven't shown in two whole years. We are taking the littlest cowboy which should be interesting. I have never shown with a baby before. I keep telling myself that I am very good at what I do. Hopefully I will start listening soon. Bob and I have had some bad luck at the place I'll be showing in the last couple years. Hopefully a little time off and the tune up I gave him will be helpful.
A friend of mine. (The one that owns the barn where I now board) just got back from a show in Rancho Murietta. It's usual class size for walk/jog for this particular show (Golden Grand) is 30 to 40 people. This time she said there was only about 20 people in her classes. I can't wait to see how many people are at the Brookside show (where I will be showing). Smaller classes are OK with me this year. Course that doesn't make people trying to qualify for world very happy. Oh well for them.

The FamDamily

The FamDamily

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My hunter
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Harvest festival 2011

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