Friday, February 27, 2009

The Report

I would like to report that the Hunter is doing fine. I have not had to threaten death or bodily harm worse in several days. He has done dishes, watched the baby, cooked dinner a couple times and has been all together pleasant. Hope you all had a good week too.
Kisses and Hugs
Lil Mama

Sunday, February 22, 2009

He's Back!

Well it's been a stellar day. I got my teeth brushed and 2 whole loads of laundry washed! Not folded mind you, but washed. They can just sit in the laundry basket till I get to feelin froggy. The Hunter has returned from his camping trip with the boys. I am glad to report he is acting very sweet. Too sweet. Apparently when I said I was going to go lay down for a while, he felt that was an invitation to follow me. I explained that what he had in mind was NOT napping. Any way. Thanks for all the support you all give. Sometimes I really need to hear I am right from people other then my wonderful mother. She is really good at telling me I am right.
Next week should be fun, I get to go to the Dentist. I love going to the dentist. He is hot! He looks like a living Ken doll. Sometimes I actually feel funny about him putting his hands in my mouth because he is so good looking. Mmmm Dr. Troy. On Wed I get to go to court. I have a dispute with Unemployment. That should be fun. I'll keep you all posted.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Because I love you all.

OK. Because I love you all I thought I would let you in on this. So if you have been following, The Hunter and I have been having world war 3 lately. Now just so you know I am pretty easy goin....till you push me too far. Well he did. It doesn't happen often but. He was leaving to go camping with his friends. Not a big deal. He gave me a whole days notice. Again not a big deal. However I wanted to go ride and wanted him to watch TLC. He couldn't do it because he had to go shopping and pack so he could leave right after work on Thursday. BIG DEAL! I don't ask much but when I do you better come thru. Lots of yelling and cussing and refusing to budge ensued. I didn't talk to him for a couple days. Before he left he called to tell me that he had tried to take care of the problem with the phone and the Internet. Hmmmm. Trying to fix things are we? I remained aloof. I get home and this is the note I find.(This is why I love him) I swear I don't make this stuff up.

Every married couple has the same conversation we had. I'll do better. I love you and Junior! I married you because I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Could you bet my Lotto ticket before Sat night.

How can I not melt? I think it's hysterical that he called our knock down drag out fight a conversation. (remember this is an Italian and Portuguese fighting here) and second I think it's so funny he asked me to play his lotto.
Ah... men.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


OK. The Hunter Update. He is currently still living. We had a lovely chat after NASCAR (btw I won 40 bucks in the pool )on Sunday. I very sweetly explained to him that he was headed down the road to getting beat with a stick. (advise from The Wife) He didn't like that idea. He informed me that he did indeed like being married (yes to me) and also did enjoy seeing the Littlest Cowboys shining smile everyday. While the word "sorry" evaded him I feel we did make some progress. As Vaquero girl says regularly "They don't just come out of the box the way you want them". Hmmm. Not unlike the war horse Bar Hoppin Bob. It took me a long time to get him where I wanted him so I guess if I put the effort in on him I could work on The Hunter too.

On another note. I hate the freakin rain! It has been raining here for a week. Bleck. It has also been cold. Creating hail. I have never seen it hail so much here. I am a Californian for crying out loud! Where the bloody sunshine! Any who. Wishing you all sunshine and sweet men.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines, yeah right

So my morning started at 1:30 for a feeding. Then I was allowed to sleep till 5:00. TLC went back to bed for another hour, however, The Hunter did not. He got up, made coffee, walked loudly around the house. Oh yeah and then there was the 6:00 phone call from one of his wonderful and obviously very considerate friends. I of course had just fallen back to sleep. That was OK with Hunter because he came bopping down the stairs (he is annoyingly upbeat in the morning) and told me he wanted me to get up pretty please and drop him up on the water shed so he could go drop horn hunting. ( I know, I know, totally romantic.) He did go to the extensive and very difficult trouble of making me a cup of tea this morning. (swoon). Since I dropped him off he has been calling me with updates on how many antlers he has found and how large they are. Me being the wonderful wife, I tell him how great I think it is and Oh my, wow you really found the honey hole.
Oh. Well I guess no card, flowers or even a back rub for Mommy in Spurs this year. Maybe he'll buy me dinner.
Oh yeah did I forget to mention that tomorrow is Daytona 500. Don't be jealous. If your sweet maybe your husbands will let you watch NASCAR all day on Sunday too.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Horses, Dogs and Husbands.(in that order)

OK. So first let me say. I love my husband very much. I have also learned that there are times in life when there is a very very very thin line between love and hate. These are the times when I have to remind myself not to yank the pistol out of the dresser drawer and kill him. That would be wrong I say to myself.
The Hunter is a control freak. Most of the time I don't care. I am a super easy goin chick. (unless we're at the horse show, then I am a Nazi.) However If The Hunter doesn't want me to do something... oh say like ... I don't know. Touch the thermostat. No matter how many fights we have had about this in the past ( a lot) I am going to do what I want to do anyway. So needless to say we had a huge fight about it last night. The Hunter is a Port-a-Gee. So there is no reasoning with him. (which is why I just do what I want without consulting him anyway) So now he is (I shit you not) going to put a lock box on the thermostat. (As is that would stop me)
I know your wondering where the horse and dog come in. Well let me tell you. I love them all. Sometimes they are good. Sometimes they are bad. And sometimes they give me an eye twitch. However I don't think I could live without any of them. I did forget to mention that TLC sometimes makes the eye twitch list.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Honestly I don't know what is wrong with me these days. I feel like a big fat unmotivated loser.! I had a little cold and that sucked and then TLC got a little cold and another tooth is coming thru at the same time. SSSSOOOOO FUN!!!! He has been super boogery. I will spare you the snot bubble pictures. Yuck!!! I just haven't felt like sitting down at the computer lately. Any way. I am here today. It's 6:30 and TLC is asleep, The Hunter almost has dinner ready and I have already had one beer tonight. Ahhh. The only sucky thing is NASCAR is starting up again. I freakin hate NASCAR. I can only watch the same drivers going around the same track so many times before I want to scratch my eyes out. The Hunter says it's the same as showing horses. I told him we don't go around the ring 500 times. Now drag racing. There is a car race I can get behind. Instant gratification....Well almost.

Any way. Just a hello and Also a thanks to Punchy for my sweet award. Big kisses. If you haven't already checked out Lucchese to Louis Vuitton then you absolutely must daaling. She is Divine.

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