Monday, December 29, 2008


Believe it or not I made it thru Christmas without self destructing. It was touch and go there for a while. Poor TLC got his schedule toatally messed up for a couple days. He's back on track now. Whew. Wore me out. I never did get everything done, but do we ever? I have so much I want to blog about and not enough time. So you'll have to keep checking back with me.

I thought I would post a few cute pics of my favorite boy(s)

So handsome !!!!

Mister blue eyes.

Any way The littlest cowboy got lots of toys from santa. Of course I am a horrible mom and didn't get any pictures of him opening any of them. It was a little slow anyway. Next year I am sure he'll just tear into them.

This is a picture of TLC's cousin she is 3 months younger but cute as a button. He should be getting another girl cousin around the 9th of January.

let me tell you she is the sleepinest baby you ever saw. She slept like this the whole time. What do you think TLC was doing.... Screaming!

The Hunter is takeing off for Arizona for a Deer/Javolina hunt on Tuesday. TLC and I will be staying here this year. I'll make sure to post picture of the hunt when he gets back. (I know how you all love pictures of dead critters.)


Friday, December 19, 2008


Holy Crap! I feel like I am taking crazy pills!!!!! I have so much to do. And what am I doing? sitting in front of the computer blogging. Now there is a great use of my time. I still have to clean the house, go to target (told you.. crazy pills), grocery shop, wrap presents, ride my horse, give a riding lesson to a six year old, make dinner, do some laundry (this is all today people) and also find time every 3 or so hours to feed The Littlest Cowboy. (He is very demanding also he's teething again so he is extra pleasant). Tomorrow we get to start all over again. Hooray holidays. In truth only about half (if I am lucky and fast) will get done today. Unfortunately the one thing I really really really want to do will inevitably get sacrificed. Riding. UGG. Any way. To add insult to injury it's also been FREAKIN COLD HERE!!!! The poor little goat babies had frost on their little horns yesterday morning. It's a good thing they are super fuzzy. All this and a whole bunch of parties that the HUNTER wants us to go to. Which all happen to be at TLC's bed time. Who says you need sleep. Oh well I also added some random new pictures for you just cuz.

I am in the middle I was so excited to wear grown up clothes to a party This is Diesel. I don't tell the other goats this but... he's my favorite. Ok tell me this is not the cutest damn thing.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This picture totally does not do the tree justice.

I freakin love Christmas ornaments! This is something The Best Mom In The World started 30 years ago. She has bought me an ornament every year that I have been alive. ( I know,... she is totally awesome). We went to Cost Plus the other day and she bought me the coolest ornament. I don't get it till Christmas though so you all have to wait to see it. I can tell you where I got any of my ornaments, I also mark them with the date so I don't forget which year I received them. I took some pictures of a couple of my favorites, but, really they are all my favorite.

One year mom bought me a couple different chicken ornaments cuz we built the chicken tajma hall. Of all of them I think this might be the cutest.

I love nutcrackers. ( sneaky chili pepper in the back)

This one mom painted for me when I was like 12 or something. I wanted a dalmatian sooooo bad that year.

Perfect for Mommy in spurs. Don't cha think?

I also like to put some of my ribbons on the tree. I feel it gives it a little something extra.

This is such a great one. It's made of glass. Love it.

What little girl doesn't want red toe shoes? These ones are heavy you have to find a thick branch.

Friday, December 5, 2008


YEAH!!! I got to do a really fun parent thing to day. I took TLC to get his picture taken with Santa. He was sooooo gooood and even smiled. He got the cutest baby award and they took a picture for their wall cuz he's that cute.
I got this from the fabulous HORSE SHOEING HOUSE WIFE
Here's the rules
I tell you six things
you didn't know about me
post the rules
tag six other people
let them know when they're tagged
and tell the person who tagged you
here I go
  1. I love the UFC. I love that's it's bloody and violent! I can't help it I love, love, love a good fight. Especially wrestling. (I was a stat girl in high school. I would have wrestled but dad said no)
  2. I am also really girly. I love to go to spas, get my nails done, my hair done, facials, waxing, the whole shebang. (not that any of these things actually happens anymore)
  3. I hate cleaning house! As much as I love horses I hate to clean my house. I really wish there was a house cleaning fairy. She could live here.
  4. I am the "Horse show Nazi" I hate to clean so I feel compelled to make/and keep things as neat and ascetically pleasing as possible at all times.
  5. I believe in love at first sight.
  6. I love, love, love the PBR (I am totally bummed that Justin McBride retired)

Now for the tags. This is hard because I don't have a lot of blog friends yet so, ladies please bare with me.


The Wife...


I'll have to get back to you on the rest. Love you all.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just like Christmas.... Oh wait, it is Christmas.

OK. So it's been a while since Ma and I have had any kind of adventure (unless you count motherhood). Last night The best mom in the world emails me a Craigslist horse add. Not unusual.... except we totally know this horse! At one time she belonged to my drug crazed, nut case, wack job of an aunt. Did I mention she is crazy. I am sure you can see the whole story on California Cowgirls blog (even if you don't want to hear the story you should check her out. She's pretty cool). Well we call up and find out we can go out and see this horse. We decided not to tell her we had any ties to the horse. We hitched up the trailer and drove an hour to go see her. She was way skinny. Poor old thing had been abandoned several times in the last year. Other then needing a little fat, a trim job and crud buster, she looks OK and is in good spirits. That to me says something about that horse. She's been near starvation several times and is still sweet as pie and loves people. Well we loaded her up and brought her home. This time for good.

Guess what else?! I got my print from Trainwreck today(also a fantastic blog). I love it. I love it, I love it. When I get it framed I'll post a picture of it on the wall so you all can see how great Kim is.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Random stuff

So today I wanted to just be a little random. Mostly cuz that's how my little brain works.

Since I have posted pictures of the big-bad-hunter I thought I would capture his more domestic side. (notice the hunting knife strapped to his hip. Just in case of a kitchen emergency)

The Hunter does not like store bought pies ( of course not that would be easy)
So he insists that we make pies our self. Including the crust. Let me just say, I am a lot of things but, I am not a good pie crust maker. (yet) Lucky for me I now have TLC to keep me from having to do a lot of the work. I did get to peel and slice all the apples.(jealous)

We also made a pumpkin pie. They both turned out great. I guess its worth all the work. ... Don't tell the Hunter I said that.

My next thoughts are on my good show horse, Bob...

besides my little dog Loretta, Bob could be the silliest creature on earth. I love him dearly. He has no idea he's a horse. I don't know what he thinks he is but he thinks it fits in my back pocket. (Bob is 16.2 and 1035lbs). He was a bottle baby. Right now he has one good leg. Poor guy. You see Bob is an acrobat. Apparently because I don't get to work him like he needs these days, he has taken to kicking the walls of the stall. Both back legs are now stocked up. Lovely. Also for some reason which I can't afford to pay for. He is lame on the front left. Grand. At first I thought it was an abscess. Three weeks later we don't think so any more. I am very concerned that he has re injured a suspencory ligament. AHHHH! When it rains it pours.

The FamDamily

The FamDamily

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My hunter
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