Sunday, June 27, 2010


OH MY GOODNESS! Had I known that everybody in CA was going to be going to this tiny little lake up in the middle of bum F no where. I think I may have just said screw it. After a two hour drive (TLC did awesome) The Hunter and I pull into this camping area. (He is already irritated because we are camping somewhere that isn't 100 miles from everything. Yeah he's that guy) The place is packed. I mean P.A.C.K.E.D! He of course wanted to just keep driving but all our friends were there. (He pouted in the trailer for about an hour)I said Se La Vie and commenced to puttin on my sun tan oil and took TLC down to play with all his little friends. The first night was really rough. TLC didn't sleep at all. I think Hunter and I only got about an hours sleep altogether. The next day my very good friend and her husband took TLC and I out on a boat for nap time. They have two kids right about his age and the boat works like magic every time. Then MVGF (my very good friend) and I got to sunbath on the boat while the kiddos napped. My darling Mother and The Best Sister in the world got there that afternoon with their crazy little dog. Lucky us there was a huge family reunion going on and they had a guess what??? That's right a live band, that played until 10:30 at night. That was fun for little kids that are trying to go to sleep. TLC slept much better the second night. Best sister ever said she wanted to go home the next day. So did the Hunter. So I said OK. We hung around till about 4:30 then packed up and came home. I got a killer tan happened and TLC had a good time. The Hunter didn't shoot anyone so altogether I'd say it was a success. I am however glad to be home.
This is what The Hunter looks like when he's trying not to kill people.

My pal and her two boys on their boat

If you look up in the Left corner you can see feet, that would be my sister getting tossed of the innertube.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A great day!

I had the best day today! I got up nice and early to go to a little one day show series I've been doing with Bob. The weather was perfect. Not to hot but still warm enough to make me (and Bob) sweat a little. He did so much better last time I entered the same four classes. Warm up walk trot, Walk trot, Sr horse and HUS (hunter under saddle) Novice Amateur. He was so good! The Judge told me after the first class that he would like to see me move out a little. Me, the one who is usually trying to keep my horse from leaping over the rail. Next class same thing, he said It looked like I was trying to show a western pleasure horse English. Holy Cow. Then I won my next two classes. In the last class he placed me over a horse that is a WAY better mover. He said he placed the "broke" horse over the better mover because my transitions were better. I swear to you I almost fell out of my saddle. My horse the more broke horse? I believe I felt the world jar a little on it's axis. Mom didn't show her horse today (although he was pretty good just puttering around the show) so we were home by one opposed to our usual seven.

Side note: I was getting mom to help me take off my field boots (big tall English boots) I kept telling her to pull harder. It was really hurting my foot. I was yelling at her to hurry up that she was getting weaker and my foot hurt. Finally after MUCH huffing and puffing and yanking it finally came off. Just at that moment I looked at the boot and said, oh, I guess I should have unlaced it first. Sorry mom.

I got to spend the remainder of the afternoon with The Hunters family at a little barbecue for the June birthdays. TLC included. Can you all believe he'll be TWO next Thursday! I can't. He got some pretty cool trucks and miscellaneous boy toys from the aunts and cousins. All together It was a pretty awesome day. I should even get a high point trophy for the spring series. And maybe get my picture in the PCQHA (Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association) newsletter. Yeah me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nothing much

So not a lot goin on in the life and times of Lil' Mama. Which is amazing because I always feel busy. I did start an E-bay store today. (sublimeequine) to sell some of my accumulation of crap er I mean really great stuff that I no longer use or need. I thought I would try the store for a month and if it works out great if not then I'll just go back to regular e-bay or good old Craigslist. Saturday I'll be at a horse show with Bar Hoppin. It should be like the face of the sun. Also gettin ready to go camping next week. That should be loads and loads of fun. I am sure you'll see pictures and read all about it when I get back. We will be celebrating TLC's second birthday and my Fourth Wedding anniversary. Oh Boy. The Littlest Cowboy was born the day after my second wedding anniversary. I got to spend it in the hospital recovering from a 16 hour labor followed by a c-section. God forbid they just get right to that. On the up side I don't think the Hunter ever got a better present. He by the way just turned 38. I have to say I haven't' seen him look better. (Don't tell him I told you that) He is vain as the dickens.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Drum Roll Please......the winner is.....

So I chose Mikey as the winner because she involved body fluid in her answer. Here is the story. Although all the situations sounded pretty horrible.

So TLC woke up from his nap. He felt a little warm but I didn't think much of it. It was hot out side and he doesn't have AC in his room. He was also a little cranky. Again, not so unusual (He's a two year old boy). My Sister (The best sister ever!) and I gave him some Sunny D and dragged him off to the fair. We were only there about thirty minuets before he barfed on me. YUCK! So we took his clothes off and came home. I didn't get a corn-dog or funnel cake or nothin! Not even a ride on a Ferris wheel. It ended up he had Rosiola. (He is better now.) So we will just have to go to a neighboring county fair later this year. Tomorrow we are going to the horse expo in Sacramento. (Sacratomatoe, as my Grandma calls it) Should be fun.

So I am not sure what your prize is yet but Mikey you should send me your mailing address so that when I find it I can send it off and you'll get a lovely surprise in the mail...just like Christmas.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I used to work at a kids camp and we had a game we played called didyouknow. We used the bottle caps from Snapples. We would hide them and then the kid who found it would get a prize.

I decided to start my own little didyouknow game here. Except I will give you a life situation (something that has actually happened to me) question and who ever gives me the best answer or as close to what actually happened wins. I don't know what you win yet but at the very least it would be braggin rights.

So first question.
Do You know what can ruin a County Fair Quicker that spit?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Farm days

So I have been a bad blogger (say that five times fast) Well maybe not bad, just lazy. These are some pics of Farm Days we did for a local kindergarten class about two of three weeks ago.

This is my friend Carla. She couldn't find her crate for her pig (Suzie) So she just put her in the back of her car. Suzie also doesn't like a leash so Carla just leads her every where with grapes.

TLC and Suzie

Hard to tell but this is what it looks like when 5 year olds see a goat or a sheep. They swarm like bees. Very scary stuff.

Let me just say this pony is worth her weight in gold. All those kids running and screaming and waving body parts and she never even flinched. I would say the opposite of my first pony.

This picture is especially for Vaquero Girl. The little girl in the Misses Clause shrug and flip flops cracked her up. What is really frightening Her mother was dressed similarly.

I just thought this lamb was adorable.

The FamDamily

The FamDamily

My hunter

My hunter
Monster mule deer 2011

The Men On the Mountain

The Men On the Mountain

1st time at the beach

1st time at the beach

Harvest festival 2011

Harvest festival 2011

TLC and The Hunter

TLC and The Hunter
my boyz

TLC In Columbia CA

TLC In Columbia CA