Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My new......Pet?

So the other day I am puttering about the garden, as one is want to do on a lovely spring day. TLC is sleeping blissfully in his crib and I was getting a lot done in the yard. I was ho-humming to myself thinking about the zucchini and strawberries I just planted. I nonchalantly picked up a crate that was flipped over on the ground.....YIKES BIG SNAKE BIG SNAKE BIG SNAKE!!!!!!!. I actually was saying this out loud as I did the did my finest impression of a gazelle across the yard. As I was doing what we in the family call "the snake dance" I was thinking to my very own self how totally silly I must look. And then began chastising myself. You must understand I am not afraid of snakes, however I do not like to be surprised. So of course I ran in to get the camera to share it with you all. And after I had taken his picture he had the audacity to sit there for twenty minutes, like I didn't even exists. Just to clarify further, this was a gopher snake NOT a rattler. It was however large!
This all happened on Friday. Today after taking my mom and her horse up to the vet I back into my drive way and open the door. All ready to hop out of the truck and there he is, practically under my boots. I almost ran the little bugger over. Then he decided to climb up the wall of my garage instead of going under the gate like a normal snake. I guess we will just have to name him now as it seems he isn't going any where. I sure wish he's catch a few more gophers.

This was Sunday.

Todays pictures.


small farm girl said...

Wow he is BIG! I'm not afraid of snakes either, but I would have done the snake dance too.

Breathe said...

He can cling to walls? Wow. Maybe he's a circus snake on vacation...

GunDiva said...

That is a big snake. Glad he's not poisonous.

Denisarita said...

YIKES! I am in fact afraid of snakes and that photo is enough to give me nightmares for a week!

Vaquerogirl said...

My vote is to call him 'Sneeky'!
Ha ha!!

Tatersmama said...

Awww, isn't he ummmm... just too cute for words? What are you going to name him? Sssssssssam?
Chessssster? ;)
I used to bring home any King snakes I could find and put them in the woodpile, since they keep the Rattler population down. But boy-oh-boy, I always got a fright when I would go to gather up the firewood and find 'em sunning themselves!

The Wife said...

That would not be happenin' at my house!! Husband usually squeals than runs in place. :o) I told him to leave the snake alone the other day cause it was most likely eatin' the mice. That was NOT going to happen. Well, I guess it did cause he missed it bigger than Dallas when he shot at it!

Robynn's Ravings said...

THAT IS ONE BIG SNAKE! Holy COW! And I think gopher snakes look like rattlers unless you see their heads. You won't have to worry much about mice and rats with HIM around. I'da been doin' the snake dance, too, and I like snakes.

The kids and I spotted a big dead gopher snake on the way to Awanas one night so we stopped and put him in a bag. Then we went home and laid him out in the driveway and punked by husband. Ah. Good times.

Prairie Mother said...

Just found your blog (luv it) but when this was the first pic i saw...i almost ran away screaming!! Not sure if I would have stuck around long enough to discern it wasn't a rattler. :O Nothing like that in the Midwest!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

LOL-Been guilty of doing the snake dance myself a time or two. Since we have killed numberous rattlers around the house and barns, it's just instinctive. It always makes me laugh at myself...you know, that high pitched, nervous little giggle.;)

I about killed myself getting out of a stall one day though. Was cleaning and for some reason I looked over and up. BIG, BIG, BIG snake hanging out on the 2x4. I threw the apple picker, ran over(tripped over) the wheel-barrow, fell into the gate and crawled out of there as fast as I could. My daughter thought I was having a seizure. After the heart attack, we had a good laugh and moved the big guy down to one of the prairie dog towns. He was much too big to be hanging around the house.

Building Life in AK said...

YIKES! The same thing happened to me in our WC backyard. I was sun tanning and a HUGE snake (someone's escaped pet)was about a foot away from me :)
Cool science lesson for TLC.

Cousin B said...

No, No, No, not in my backyard....I'm with Browneyedcowgirls. Same dance here.

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